noelle phares

It’s rare for me to begin a post by saying: this artist has a BS in Biochemistry, and an MS in Environmental Science… but in the case of Denver based artist Noelle Phares, that is exactly right. Suddenly her gorgeous architecture-meets-landscape paintings make even more sense, each of them exploring “the ever-encroaching presence of humanity into previously pristine open spaces.” Here is Noelle’s full artist statement:

“People often remark at seemingly unique marriage of abstract structure and landscape in my work. But in reality, that is what the world looks like these days: the stark break of a distant mountain view by the foreground shapes of the built environments we live in. I choose to paint places that have been altered, for better or for worse, either directly or indirectly by human development. I hope to both raise awareness of the fragile beauty of these places while also highlighting how beautiful and functional manmade design + nature can be if done with symbiosis, instead of nemesis, in mind.”

Well said. Happy Monday.