katie mccann

Oh, be still my collage-loving heart! This is the work of California based, English artist Katie McCann. There is just so much to see! Flora, fauna, random oddities, collages within collages… so weird, so wonderful. Here is Katie’s description of what’s going on up there:

“The female face is central to much of my artwork and often acts as a reflection of the natural and sometimes magical world. She can be surrounded by birds, fish and butterflies or submerged in a dense wallpaper pattern which either represents her prison or her liberation.

I have recently found that my collages are becoming more orderly and methodical – neatly arranged, strange objects fill the page like rows of paper microscope slides or specimens in a tiny cabinet of curiosity. My need to obsessively cut can sometimes outweigh the composition of the piece, so I am often left with piles of abandoned cuttings – lost bones, moths, fungi, feathers, coral, shells and butterfly wings. Eventually these too will find a place to reside.”

Yessssssssss. Okay, I have to go cut stuff out. Immediately.

{found via Kolaj Magazine}

comments (2)

  1. Stacey zimmerman /// 10.01.2020 /// 12:15am

    I love Katie McCann! These are great!!!

  2. Helen /// 10.01.2020 /// 1:12am

    Lovely work. These pieces really draw you in. And I like how she embraces the shadows, creating that cabinet feel. They usually annoy me because I’m always trying to make a nice flat work ha!