susannah montague

Gasp! … and another one for good measure… GASP! Canadian sculptor Susannah Montague just turned the tables on this virus, and transformed it into the most gorgeous piece of art! I give you, “Saint Corona” {ceramic, glaze, 22k gold lustre, vintage decals}. I am always in absolute awe of the detail Susannah puts into each and every piece she creates, and this is no exception. Look at all that stuff … tattoos, a virus covered crown, and that golden phone? LOVE. {ps. I have to share this little tidbit… when this piece was in progress, Susannah posted a shot on her Instagram feed and said, “The golden phone is an homage to @thejealouscurator, who can truly flex a gold, glitter iPhone.” HA! Yep, I do have a gold glitter phone and I’m beyond honored that it made it into this latest masterpiece!} “Saint Corona” is currently in San Francisco as part of a group show at Modern Eden Gallery until November 13, 2020. Here’s their description:

Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents ‘Midnight Garden’, our fourth major group exhibition curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. Over 90 artists from across the globe… working with the themes of nighttime, growth, darkness, and lush flora.

Yep, Susannah nailed it… again. Happy Monday. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

comments (2)

  1. Bradford /// 11.02.2020 /// 8:47am

    I mean, just amazeballs! And YOU, D.! Look at you! Emblazoned in ceramic glory for all time! Well deserved given all the inspiration you send out into the world. xx B

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.02.2020 /// 9:02am

    hahaha!!! i know, my phone and i are honored!

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