clare celeste börsch

She’s done it again… another immersive, jaw-dropping collage that I want to move into immediately. “Biodiversity” is the latest insane collage by Berlin based artist Clare Celeste Börsch. I’ve written about her several times, she was on the podcast in 2018, and so when I saw this installation, clearly, I had to share it too! Here are Clare’s words about her newest paper wonderland:

68% of biodiversity lost in just 50 years…

My latest artwork shares a message of love, urgency and hope. Love for our planet, our future selves, our children and future generations. Urgency, because climate change is upon us and the predictions of what to come are dire. And Hope, because there is still a narrow window of time to act and there is still so much we can save.

We are currently on track for 4 degrees of warming by the year 2100. This means a future marked by increasingly violent storms, droughts, wildfires, flooding, and crop shortages.

But we have the tools and technologies to respond to this crisis. We must now collectively and individually rise to this unprecedented challenge. In the video, I list concrete ways you can make a difference today. Please watch and share! It is available on YouTube.

Soooooo beautiful! Happy Friday.

*photos, video and editing by Patricia Schichl.

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  1. Cléo Toledo Dias /// 11.08.2020 /// 4:54am

    I’m educational adviser and work for 25 years in the São Paulo State Government, whith education art, writing books for children.In our days the environmental issue is crucial for the future of the humanity.Biodiversity and climate changes are clearly in the center of this issue.

  2. Cléo Toledo Dias /// 11.08.2020 /// 4:57am

    I ‘worked’ for 25 years.Today no more.I’m preserved my love for environmental cause.