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Okay, I think I just found a new thrift shopping friend! This is the work of Australian artist Edward Waring. Vintage Crystal and Glass. Epoxy Adhesive. Acrylic Paint. Hard Acrylic Extender. Yep, that sounds like my kind ‘o materials list! These are all from his series titled “Memory Sticks”, each one named with a woman’s name … from Betty to Mabel! Here’s part of his artist statement that focuses on these candy-colored towers of repurposed crystal goodness:

Currently, Waring is utilising vintage crystal and cut glass, repurposing and altering the once cherished tableware to create pieces that require the audience to re-explore what could be considered old fashioned or ‘passé’. Waring’s work reclaims old traditions and old fashioned ways of life and creates a space for them in the contemporary. His use of tableware once saved for ‘best’ in households gives new life to forgotten pieces, and asks the viewer to reflect on feelings of childhood, memory and family.

Absolutely! I’m quite sure my grandmother, Blanche, had most of these vessels, and all of them were filled with colorful Liquorice Allsorts or fruity Jujubes. Ah, good times. Edward’s work can be found via Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney.

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  1. Helen Crossley /// 11.10.2020 /// 1:07am

    Just love these! The colours, the shapes!! Off to dig out my neglected inherited crystal and paints now… The fruity Jujubes sound interesting – plenty of liquorice in Yorkshire but we didn’t have those.

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