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Yessssssss. Seriously, how can you look at all of this and NOT want to be BFF’s with Australian artist Rachel Burke!? She makes everything from sparkly wearable art, to art you can sit on. Her glittery portfolio is filled with both personal work {like that FAB CUTE RITZY pop-up tinsel cafe}, and collaborations with clients {like Mindy Kahling, Miley Cyrus, Sephora, Visa… and check out that floral headband she did with LEGO!}. Okay, I gotta go brainstorm a BFF plan. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. isabel margolin /// 11.11.2020 /// 11:39am


  2. Ana /// 11.11.2020 /// 11:36pm

    Needed this, since for the last few days the weather’s been – in a word – gray.