silvia levenson

Bio: 1957 Born, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1981 She moved to Italy. This is the most to-the-point artist bio I’ve ever seen, and I love it! Yep, that is exactly what Silvia Levenson did and, as far as I can tell, she’s been creating artwork since forever. Silvia has made so many breathtaking works over the years – from colorful glass clothing to thorn-covered teapots – but her “Strange Little Girls” series grabbed me immediately. How could it not… I can totally relate! Here’s a description about this work from her Instagram feed:

“As a child you have to be good and smile so as not ruin the family photo album irreparably. Living up to these expectations is difficult : I refuse thinking to the childhood as the “Golden Age”to be looked back with nostalgia … Here, my Strange Little Girls, living in an era where the edge between dreams and reality is very evanescent. It doesn’t matter if we are rabbit, crow, fox, wolf or sheep, it is an age that will mark us forever.”

Love. ps. I also love that image from this past summer of Silvia, in her studio, working on a head for yet another ‘strange little girl’.

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