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I mean, what is even happening here!? Fabric caught in the wind, yet frozen in time? Yep. These jaw-dropping pieces are the work of Marela Zacarias, an artist currently based between Brooklyn, Seattle, and Mexico City. Okay, I already know you’re thinking… ‘but what? how did she?’… because that’s exactly what I was thinking! Here’s the answer:

“Working with a labor – and research- intensive process merging sculpture with painting, Marela Zacarías moulds window screen and plaster to fabricate undulating forms with the quality of fabric, bodies filled with movement and expressive quality. The sculptures’ surfaces are populated by socially committed geometric abstractions––shapes and patterns born from the artist’s study of the history and specificity of the site of work.”

Brilliant, thoughtful, and beautifully executed. If you want to see Marela in action, there’s a great video from a couple of years ago on Art21watch it right here. Happy Monday.

{Thanks to @melaart for pointing me to this artist’s work. Images via Marela’s site, her Instagram, and Sapar Contemporary, NYC.}

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  1. Lannie Hart /// 11.28.2020 /// 11:49am

    incredibly beautiful and such great craftsmanship or should I say CraftsWOMANship

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