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Okay, now that is inspiring… creating stunning artworks with a little assistant at your ankles! This is the absolutely dreamy work of Minneapolis based artist Suyao Tian. Sigh. I want to wander around in all of these magical worlds… I bet it would smell like flowers and taste like candy! That said, I did read this little snippet via the Soo Visual Arts Center“As a child, she was often caught collecting small bugs in jars and would talk to these creatures since she didn’t have siblings. These childhood creatures have become symbols and language that she uses in her watercolor paintings.” Hm, so maybe I wouldn’t taste stuff… just in case they’re bugs, not candy! Here is Suyao’s artist statement:

“My creative process is to extract the fragments of memory and separate, reorganize and integrate them. This process is my communication with them, and a process of self- release and expression. These peculiar images often appear in my memory, dreams and subconscious imaginations, so I use abstraction to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form when they appear in my mind. I use bright colors to celebrate my freedom. The title is the moment in time when I start creating, these moments have transformed my mind through beauty or ugliness I put into my work, that becomes my identity to speak out to the world.”

Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, to buy Suyao’s work please email her here: {ps. I found her work through SooVAC, a gorgeous gallery in Minneapolis.}