clémentine de chabaneix
First, that bear’s side-eye is everything. Second, yes, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve written about the work of French artist Clémentine de Chabaneix… but can you blame me!? All of these pieces are from her current show, titled “ANIMUS”, at Galerie du Passage in Paris. Here are Clémentine’s words about this work:

“ANIMUS” is a set of enamelled ceramic sculptures, made in my workshop for a year. A privileged parenthesis allowing me to deepen a universe that I have been exploring for ten years of ceramic practice. “ANIMUS” A word which evokes me, by its etymology, which relates to the soul and by analogy of sound to the word ANIMAL. For a long time, I have declined countless combinations of mixed man-animals. Psychological portraits arranged like riddles. Colorful snakes, crystal horns, galvanized flowers, meteorites, foxes, masks, toads, crocodiles… I develop a symbolic vocabulary that evokes human identity in its complexity, its contradictions, its poetry.

In this work, the animal figure appears, like an alter ego: the animal counterpart, with soft or disturbing forms, inexorably placing man in an equation from which he cannot extricate himself. “

Beautiful. “ANIMUS” runs until February 27, 2021. ps. Here’s a peek the gallery just posted on Instagram:

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