alice walton

Oh. My. This is the mesmerizing ceramic work of UK based artist Alice Walton. All of those calming palettes combined with intricate, dizzying pathways could keep me here all day. Clearly, I had to include those insanely beautiful closeups … they remind me of looking out airplane windows at the fields and rivers below {remember, when we used to go places on planes?}. Here’s a peek into the how and why of Alice’s work:

“With a forensic eye, Walton translates the seemingly familiar into highly complex and multi-layered porcelain objects. Despite featuring intensely textured surfaces and complex colours, Walton’s work is also recognised for its meditative qualities. It is this tension between the repetitive and experimental, the calm and the kinetic that make her objects so compelling.

Walton uses a landscape of objects, crafted from individual components to create abstract scenes. This repetitive nature of mark-making in turn mimics the constant review of familiar objects on daily commutes. As references, she combines collaged photography and drawing from memory which are bought into her studio to work from. This research then pivots her work away from the literal into an imaginary collection of objects.

Her desire to stave off our digital riddled and splintered multi-realities is remedied through a process of intensely tactile moulding technique. Deliberately contemplative, her work creates a time capsule of discovery for the viewer with its intricately detailed markings drawing them in.”

Sigh. This is my kind of meditating.

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