myleka bevans

“Encounters with Grief”, was shown at the Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center in the Fall of 2020. This is the emotional installation work of Canadian born, US based artist Myleka Bevans. I was already so moved by these gorgeous works constructed out of balloons, clouds, flowers and toys… but then I read her statement, and my heart dropped:

In 2016 Myleka lost her premature daughter Bridget at five days old. This experience informs much of Myleka’s most recent work. Her Art examines grief, her own and others, and its effects on individuals and communities. Myleka works in many mediums but views herself primarily as an installation artist. 

“Grief is a lonely time but you are being welcomed into a community, a club other people are waiting to comfort you and stand with you. Grief can bind communities together and it will enrich your life if you allow it to.” ~ Myleka Bevans

Beautiful work by a wonderful mother and artist. You can watch & listen to Mykela’s IGTV walkthrough of the exhibition. Bring a tissue.

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  1. myleka bevans - fooledbyart /// 01.06.2021 /// 1:31am

    […] Posted bythe jealous curator […]

  2. Bradford /// 01.06.2021 /// 11:24am

    Oof. What a heartbreaking experience manifested into an incredible representation of grief. Best believe that tissues are getting use right now, D. xx B

  3. Cheryl Hansen /// 01.06.2021 /// 8:08pm

    Her question, “it’s helpful but is it helpful?” can only be answered by her ability to process with time. Only people with experience get this.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.07.2021 /// 7:42am

    exactly. xo.