claudia bueno

What began as an artist residency at Yellowstone National Park, is now a stunning installation in Las Vegas! What?! Yes… WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE {by Adolfo Bueno}. Colossal shared it the other day, and it’s fabulous. Ahhh, so many glass panels, layers and layers of hand-drawn animations, and light all working together to transport the viewer to an imaginary, macro/micro world. This is the work of Venezuelan born, US based artist Claudia Bueno… and this insanity, titled “Pulse”, is her latest installation. Here is part of Claudia’s artist statement:

Through her own intricate process of immersive suggestion Claudia creates large scale, multi-sensory light installations that communicate a profound sense of wonderment and awe. Designed to guide spectators on a contemplative journey these hypnotic worlds are populated by signatures of life from micro to macro, existing in communion and living as one interconnected cosmic web. Fluidly pulsating colors and ever evolving sounds make the creations come all the more alive.

Wonderment and awe, indeed! “Pulse” is installed at Meow Wolf, Las Vegas.

comments (6)

  1. Bradford /// 01.18.2021 /// 10:04am

    This brought tears to my eyes. Stunning. Whoo… that was a WAY to start my Monday. Thank you, D. xx B

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.18.2021 /// 11:29am

    so beautiful, right?

  3. Wendy /// 01.18.2021 /// 1:25pm

    This looks wonderful, and I only wish I could experience it in person. In fact now that I’ve seen this small glimpse into her work, I am feeling even more “isolated” (which of course most of us ARE at the moment). Thanks for sharing this with us on your blog… does the artist call it an installation? Do you think she will travel with this piece (maybe up to Canada…)?

  4. Cheryl Hansen /// 01.19.2021 /// 10:26am

    Mind-blowing!!!! I want to see it in person! She didn’t say how many hours they have spent on it but it would be interesting to find out. All living things are pretty incredible.

  5. Judi Cumming /// 01.23.2021 /// 10:08am

    Absolutely glorious!! Supernatural!

  6. Khaadi /// 05.23.2021 /// 11:16pm

    Nice, Mind Blowing.

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