beverly fishman

Urethane paint on wood. What about lights, or plastic… or something!? Nope. Urethane paint on wood. This is the mind-bending work of American artist Beverly Fishman. Not only is her work fabulous, apparently so is she. I’ve met so many artists who give Beverly credit for helping to shape their careers. You see, Beverly was the head of the painting department at Cranbrook from 1992 – 2019! Wow. She had a show, titled I DREAM OF SLEEP, last fall at Miles McEnery Gallery in New York, and I thought the description explained her work beautifully:

“The paintings in I Dream of Sleep are based on the slick, angular packaging of the pharmaceutical industry. They suggest the sleek corporate marketing and the fluorescent language of caution, even emergency. Each one contaminates the spaces of art and pharmaceuticals, speaking of the rage of loss in the language of corporate cure. Instilled with the standardized shapes of mass-produced medications, Fishman’s works deliver what looks like an opaque, machine high-gloss finish that, paradoxically, is meticulously handmade.”

Brilliant! Hm, I wonder if she’s working on anything vaccine related at the moment!? I’ll have to keep an eye out… first stop, Los Angeles, as Beverly has a show opening there this April at Gavlak Gallery.

comments (4)

  1. beverly fishman - fooledbyart /// 01.26.2021 /// 1:27am

    […] Posted bythe jealous curator […]

  2. Laura Johnston /// 01.26.2021 /// 1:10pm

    I love being able to see the scale! Totally changes the impact.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.28.2021 /// 7:05am

    right!? i love the final photo of beverly with her work.

  4. Vikki drummond /// 01.30.2021 /// 9:46am

    How inexplicably beautiful! It takes a certain kind of gift to take something with such a commercial history and make it so stunning. It truly looks like they’re backlit. So luminescent. Just wow.

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