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YUM! These unglazed porcelain pastries are the work of Arizona based artist Jacqueline Tse, aka @mad_brooklyn. Oh sure, they look sweet ‘n delicious, but there’s definitely something menacing going on. Here’s why:

“My work is highly influenced by my anxieties of being human, particularly the dilemmas of everyday urban life. It is an ongoing exploration of my fascination with American society of excess and shameless consumerism, social media overstimulation, greed and gluttony as a remedy for emotional disconnection. Meanwhile still celebrating the beauty and flaws of these fragile human conditions.”

Such a beautiful way to execute this idea. Now, did you watch the video posted above? It’s just a little teaser, but you can watch the whole video about Jacqueline’s work right here. {created by Supply Unica, April 2020}

{Thanks to Rhonda Willers, another fabulous ceramicist, for pointing me to Jacqueline’s work.}

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