dennis osadebe

“Figures Of Playful Rebellion” at UNTITLED ART 2020, Miami. Oh, I love every single circular piece! This is the vibrant and joyful work of Nigerian artist Dennis Osadebe. Here are a couple of excerpts from Dennis’ artist statement to explain the WHY and the WHAT behind his work:

Osadebe’s vibrant post-pop style is centered around the idea of reimagining Africa through the use of positive, provocative, and progressive imagery, and narratives, forging a dialogue where tradition meets invention and innovation. Through juxtaposing elements of the past alongside the present, while utilizing his Nigerian heritage as a starting point, Osadebe places Africa in the context of the future and its limitless possibilities  …

Osadebe’s process blurs the line between digital and psychical. The digitally composed scenes are elevated by painted adornments of carefully selected areas. This distinct texture change is inherent to the narrative of the work, by providing a visual relationship between the processes of the new generation artists and old masters together. Osadebe consequently renders each work as unique, as he removes the possibility for digital reproduction. The references to traditional materials and crafts, such as masks and colorful textiles, are inspired by the historic arts and culture of Osadebe’s home, Nigeria.

Beautiful. Happy Monday.

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