cameron kester

Okay, it’s a three-way tie for my fave: “Send Noods”, “Sometimes She’s a Latte”, and “I’m Sure She Had Her Raisins”. Bahahaha! Hilarious titles, beautiful drawings… WIN, WIN, WIN! This is the work of Japan based, American artist Cameron Kester. Here’s her part of her bio/statement:

Cameron’s art is visually marked by feminine and delicate details and colors, contrasted with sassy, crass and irreverent humor to showcase mundane objects, delving into their contemporary as well as their historical contexts, often pairing them with the female figure. Equally important to her work is her witty, humorous, and often poignant titles. She considers herself a “fowl-mouthed absurdist,” and while that is true, like her work, her words and her personality contain layers of beauty as well as absurdity.

As Cameron says, “Ultimately, I use oddities and silliness to question how values and beliefs are manufactured and how we construct our own place in the universe.”

Cameron’s focus is on the medium of pencil drawings, often the first step of a “serious” work of art, which makes it another element in Cameron’s brilliant and witty arsenal.

Brilliant and witty, indeed! ps. #SendNoods