mathilde tinturier

Gasp! It’s a teeny tiny magical fairyland! This is the delicate, meticulous work of Swiss artist Mathilde Tinturier. I wrote about her a couple of years ago {2019}, but every time one of her creations scrolls by in my Instagram feed, I catch my breath. Bits of nature – from colorful feathers and seed pods, to found petals and old leaves curling over on themselves – covered in homemade confetti, beads and pins all dangling from the ceiling, being gently moved by the wind. Aaaaand, exhale.

{Her work is available via Le Salon Vert, Geneva.}

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  1. benny dröscher - fooledbyart /// 02.17.2021 /// 1:27am

    […] I wrote about Swiss artist Mathilde Tinturier and her lovely  mobiles last week, and someone said ‘they look like a Benny Dröscher painting.’ That persona was […]