“bending spoons (and medieval laws)”

Well, this is the first time I’ve ever had someone on the podcast who’s done a commission for THE QUEEN!? Yep, London based artist Ann Carrington is on the podcast! I interviewed her for my book, “A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now With Women”, a few years ago but it was all through email. Today I finally got to talk to her in person about turning knives into flowers, welding giant spiderwebs, and oh yeah, that time she hung out with Prince Charles on a barge to discuss a project for his mum’s Diamond Jubilee. WHAT!? Deep breath. Listen right up there under Ann in her studio, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and or Spotify.

First up, cutlery bouquets:


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Yeah, she “has a cutlery guy”. So amazing. Oh, and more amazing-ness that I totally forgot to mention, but I have to show you. Look what Ann does with beer & soda cans:

I mean, come on. The final piece is titled “Virgin Queen”, which I’m using as a royal segue into these “Pearly Queens”:


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Okay, there’s a lot to say about all of that! First, the black and white photo at the very top is a shot of a few “Pearly Kings and Queens”. The next image was the first of Ann’s Queens I ever saw, via The Novogratz! The “in situ” photo is from one of their shows … or books … or some fabulous project they did {it’s hard to keep up with them!}. The video at the bottom is only a few days old and gives a peek at the new punk-ish Queens she’s been working on. Now, the colored button Queen, both up close and in situ, is the commission Ann did for Jacob Rothschild. That was the project that led to this:

Whaaaaaat?! Yep. Hanging out with Charlie on a barge, as you do. This is the banner Ann was asked to create to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee {2012}, and now hangs at the Haberdasher’s Hall in London. Oh my word. Okay, I need a deep, fresh cleansing breath of sea air to help me deal with all of that excitement… how about a trip to Margate to see Ann’s “Shell Ladies”:

Oh my goodness, aren’t they all so lovely? And I looooove that her kids’ names are on the inside of those bronze shells of “Mrs.Booth” {which aren’t turning green by the way… they’re Verdigris darling, Verdigris.}

Up next, spiderwebs:

… and there she is, welding a GIANT one for a very special client. Herself. Yep, that’s the big web that will be suspended above the studio. Ah, another perfect segue! Let’s finish up with a look into Ann’s amazing building in Margate:


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Do you see why I invited myself over?! A stunning space filled with shipping containers packed with sparkly treasures. LOVE. Okay, and with that I will say thank you to Ann for being my guest today, and of course, thanks to you for listening. If you’d like to give me a little love over on Apple Podcasts, I’d be very grateful! Thank you xo ~ Danielle

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comments (7)

  1. Rachel Jones /// 02.14.2021 /// 3:29pm

    Oh my! This was brilliant! I love her work AND that web. What an enjoyable Saturday listen. Thanks to you both.

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.15.2021 /// 7:19am

    thanks for listening, rachel!

  3. Ann /// 02.18.2021 /// 8:51am

    This was incredible!

  4. the jealous curator /// 02.18.2021 /// 8:43pm

    wasn’t it?! i already loved ann, and now i love her even more! ; )

  5. Federico /// 03.03.2021 /// 8:12am

    Great episode, very intresting, as an sculptor myself I really enjoy it.

  6. Danielle /// 04.07.2021 /// 7:30pm

    OMG simply amazing! Love this so much – thanks for introducing me to another fab artist. Actually reintroducing me, I also first saw Ann’s work via The Novogratz but I had no idea about all the other amazing things she’s doing!!!

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