kevin foote

Quiet, soft and a little bit sad, no?. This is the ethereal work of Wisconsin based painter Kevin Foote. I saw that lovely fawn about to have a nap {48″ x 32″ mixed media on canvas} scroll by in my feed, and that was that… I was down the rabbit hole. Those palettes, the emotion in all of his subjects, and – of course – that crow. Love. Happy Friday.

Kevin is represented by Arcadia Contemporary, NYC, and they have a virtual show OPENING TOMORROW! You can also follow him on Instagram: @bitter_buff_alo

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  1. kevin foote - fooledbyart /// 02.19.2021 /// 1:30am

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  2. Bianka /// 02.21.2021 /// 9:09am

    Heartbreaking. I don’t see a nap comming. There are young girls, a little deer onthe bed, some dirt and turrnning the sight of… Nothing good to expect…