jennifer l. mohr

Annnnnnd, exhale. Maybe it’s because my backyard is covered in snow at the moment, but I can almost smell these these candy-colored grasses as they sway gently in the warm summer air. Ahhhh, maybe one more deep cleansing breath for good measure. These are a few of the most recent paintings {acrylic on canvas} by Canadian artist Jennifer L. Mohr and, as you can probably tell, I love all of them! The scale, the palettes, the quiet landscape that begs us to slow down:

“I was grown from the prairie and everything in my creative practice leads back to those roots.  As a child, growing up on a grain farm in the vast grasslands of Saskatchewan, I spent much of my time wandering outside alone, quiet, observant, and introspective.  Those formative moments fueled in me a deep identity-connection with the landscape and everything within it.  During those years, I also formed a proud identity as an artist, influenced by the somewhat unconventional cultural experiences provided to me by my family, which allowed me to feel unique in our conservative rural community.  The concept of place-identity first began to influence my artwork as early as my fledgling oil painting practice at the age of 8.

In my current creative pursuits, I continue to be drawn to the subject of the prairie and my relationship to that landscape.  My feelings of belonging and oneness with the prairie environment are reflected back to me in the artistic process.  In my artwork, I translate my observations of the landscape into inventive color, reactive mark-making, and expressive energy in an attempt to portray the magic of reciprocity between my identity, the landscape, and my art.” 

Sigh. Happy Monday.

ps. Follow Jen on Instagram to see all of her gorgeous #WIPs and inspiration photos, and you can buy her originals here, and her prints here.

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