adrienne elise tarver

Acrylic, fabric and wood veneer on board. What!? LOVE. This is just one of many bodies of work by Atlanta / Brooklyn based artist Adrienne Elise Tarver. The series is titled “In The Dark”, and here’s why:

“… with a practice that spans painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and video, her work addresses the complexity and invisibility of the black female identity in the Western landscape — from the history within domestic spaces to the fantasy of the tropical seductress.”

Okay, I dove into the “domestic spaces”, but I bet “tropical seductress” caught your attention! Take a peek at “Mirage”, Adrienne’s series filled with greenish-blue watercolor wonderfulness.

{via Artsy}

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  1. adrienne elise tarver - fooledbyart /// 03.04.2021 /// 1:28am

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  2. Helen /// 03.05.2021 /// 1:07am

    Such beautiful, thoughtful and serene pieces. Love them