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Loooove! These banners {fabric and stitched thread} are the work of California based artist Christopher Martin. All of these pieces are part of his current solo show at Hashimoto Contemporary SF {804 Sutter Street}, titled ‘Homeward Bound’. It’s a “mixed media collection of paintings and banners highlighting the duality of the African Diaspora and its hidden connection to American traditional sailor tattoos.” Here’s a description of his work via the gallery’s site:

Through his art, Martin tells the story of a young man coming from the South. While attending school at North Carolina A&T for graphic design, Martin was prone to create hand cut and sewn banners with logo-like images to tell a story relevant to his own culture and history. With cotton representing the toil/labor of those captured in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Martin hand-cuts and sews tapestry pieces that are representative of the modern-day experience of the African diaspora.

Brilliant and beautiful. ‘Homeward Bound runs until March 27th, 2021.

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