rachel hayes

Gasp! Can you imagine discovering one of these magical pieces in the middle of nowhere? This is the breathtaking, colorful, large-scale textile work of Oklahoma based artist Rachel Hayes. Here are a few excerpts from an interview, giving insight into her work/process:

“I developed a love of materials, textures and processes while studying textiles and fiber art as an undergraduate student [Kansas City Art Institute]. Sewing, dyeing fabrics and weaving in particular are processes that I learned early on and continue to use to this day … When I first began my career, I wanted to challenge the dialog that often surrounded my work in relation to craft and specifically the process of sewing. Out of frustration, I created work as large and as bold as I possibly could – as if that would deem it more masculine, therefore more powerful – all while using delicate materials and building with tiny stitches … I lead viewer’s eyes with scale and the ordered construction of bright color, yet hope they will also experience more subtle and ephemeral nuances such as the changing light and shifting shadows or the sound of fabric rustling in the breeze.” ~ via she-explores.com


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    Oh no! I will so miss this blog 🙁

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