susan maddux

Sculptures? Paintings? Yep! This is the gorgeous, and totally unique work of American artist Susan Maddux. After years in New York, painting textiles for the fashion industry, Susan made the jump to LA and her own fine art practice. Born in Hawaii, to a hapa Japanese-American family, Susan has “absorbed the influence of Japanese folk art traditions and Buddhist temples as well as the arts of Polynesia.”  Love! I also love this quote I found on one of her Instagram posts, and had to share it:

“All my life, people have told me [being an artist] was impossible, so I honestly never considered it a real option even though making things is all I’ve ever wanted to do. But what I discovered when I was at my lowest, is that ‘impossible’ is just a story. Stories are so powerful. Tell yourself a good one!” 

See? So good!

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  1. Parul Tolentino /// 09.19.2021 /// 1:58am

    Such beautiful colours and shapes! It’s so true, why do we believe the people that say impossible. As artists we can create the world we feel/see inside. After many years of believing the naysayers I realised that artists an ability to visualise past what exists is unique and maybe some people don’t believe it because they haven’t experienced it.

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