Teresa Freitas

Gasp! I want to go to all of these cotton candy places! This is the absolutely dreamy work of Lisbon based artist Teresa Freitas – that’s her in the final photograph – and these are her equally dreamy words about her work:

“The visible secret behind my work lies in how colour can transport us to a subtle change of reality. While the places in my photographs exist, at the same time there is something a little bit “off” about them. We wonder if they are true or if we’re just inside a dream.

I like to play with familiar motifs – palm trees in Palm Springs, a Chinatown street, the architecture of St. Petersburg – and then subvert them into something less tangible and more cinematic. My artistry lies in my composition, yes, but primarily in the conceptual and aesthetic way in which I use colour. You will see both bold and pastel hues in the same image – a visual paradox that our minds aren’t used to and a play on colour that is very interesting to me as an artist. Beyond that paradox is a sense of calm and happiness that continually permeates my work.”

Ahhh, calm and happiness. That works for me. Teresa’s work is available through Subject Matter Art and you can follow her on Instagram at @teresacfreitas.

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