“a third, a third, a third”

Yep, here we are… back with the second half of my conversation with my amazing friend, New York artist Petah Coyne. In case you missed Part I, Petah was kind enough to take over as ‘podcast host’ so she could interview me. We’re talking about the opening of my show, what worked, what I’d change, what’s next, and all of the many feelings that come crashing in after you’ve worked really hard on a body of work for a really long time. Listen right up there under that lovely vinyl lettering (I love it when that goes up on the wall!), or download ART FOR YOUR EAR wherever you get your podcasts.

Alright, here’s look at a bunch of the ‘specimens’, most of which were shot by my talented friend Stephanie Seaton:

Yep. Gum and cigarettes and birds and flowers and mushrooms and crocodiles! Stephanie and I are gonna go back and shoot the collages once the sun goes down because, boy oh boy, that resin reflects allllll the light. I’ve posted a few videos of the collages though, so if you’d like to take a peek you can find those right here: one, and two.

And finally, a selfie taken on one of my many quiet, on-my-own, visits to the show…

… to ponder what might be next. Thanks so much to Petah for doing this with me, and thanks to you for listening. ~ Danielle xo

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comments (3)

  1. Christine Aaron /// 04.13.2022 /// 9:07pm

    Wow oh wow. SO wonderful. I don’t know a single artist who doesn’t feel let down and blue once a show is up and even more so once it comes down. There’s a momentum and energy and adrenaline that propels you through those last weeks and then…it lets go. I often feel out of joint, tired, not sure I’ll get excited about new work…and being annoyed with ourselves doesn’t help! I really enjoyed listening to oth the episodes re your exhibit with Petah because I have learned so much myself! And good questions to ask myself, great ideas re being alone in the space with the work once up. Petah’s discussion re vulnerability and Danielle, yours re wanting but not wanting to go to the opening totally resonated with me as I have felt the same. And our whole family is well versed in…anticipatory anxiety! And YES…it does feel like somehow the anxiety is protective (…if I think of everything then my kids, husband, dog, etc…will be protected) and think it will prevent the pain or loss later but…NOPE! Just makes us daily wrecks. We call them “sticky thoughts” and literally tell them to get lost…I too was experiencing loss two years before my son was to go to college..‍♀️‍♀️But know that they are home almost 5 months of the year(yup I counted). As you would say, “anyhoo”…I could go on and on but just know how much you bring to all of us who love you and your podcast.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.14.2022 /// 6:59pm

    oh thank you so much for this beautiful comment, christine. it’s so nice to know other people “get it”. 🙂

  3. “a third, a third, a third” - Sarkari Exam News /// 08.06.2022 /// 5:25pm

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