i’m jealous of stefanie fiore


When the moon hits your eye like a big gold couch… that’s amore!

That’s amore alright! I love these photos by 2009 Ryerson University grad Stefanie Fiore. These images are from a series called A New Home in which she explores first generation Italian-Canadian residences. Here’s her insight into their decorating decisions… ‘Using local materials and notions of the baroque to create replicas and pastiche resembling their homeland, the families are referencing the rich cultural history of their homeland in a country in which they have no history.’ Pretty insightful… Um, Stefanie, do you have fancy wallpaper and gold throw pillows at home too? It’s Ok, you can tell me…

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// 10.30.2009 /// 9:59am

    I just got a lovely email from Stefanie Fiore. Turns out she doesn’t have a gold couch at her house, just a few gold frames… but I figure it’s only a matter of time! ; )

  2. r*dean /// 08.25.2010 /// 6:26am

    I came across your site via Stefanie Fiore [googling her, i found this post]. I saw her works recently displayed at the TWI gallery. Very intriguing to me. Although I am not 1st generation italian, I am 1st generation black ‘west indian’ – and my parents generation has a very similar decorating asthetic [including plastic covered couches], which makes me wonder where they appropriated it from/whether it was ‘brought’ from the islands with them.