i’m jealous of payton turner & brian kaspr

As a kid, one of my most prized possessions was my sticker book. I had a designated page for “puffies”, “sparklies”, and of course, “scratch n’ sniffs”. I think I may have lost my mind if American artists Payton Turner & Brian Kaspr had popped by to install their sticker wallpaper in my bedroom! I mean, come on… when you read a description like this: “Each wallpaper pattern is made up of thousands of hand-applied stickers, and can be removed and re-applied in any space”, how can any self-respecting sticker collector not be jealous? So insanely amazing… Hm, I wonder if there are any scratch n’ sniffs in there?

{via Design Crush, via Little Green Notebook}

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  1. Color Collective /// 09.12.2011 /// 6:54am

    OMG!!! Stickers were my favorite thing ever. This IS insanely amazing!!

  2. Heidi /// 09.12.2011 /// 7:14am

    This is quite possibly the silliest, most wonderful ‘wallpaper’ I have very seen! I love, love it.

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.12.2011 /// 11:27am

    i know! i might have to dust off the old sticker book… i’m suddenly feeling inspired ; )

  4. Sascha /// 09.12.2011 /// 12:25pm

    Amazing! I love it…but I’m not letting my 6 year-old daughter see it.

  5. Gaby /// 09.12.2011 /// 2:09pm

    wow I love this sticker wall paper patterns Amazing!

  6. Deirdre /// 09.12.2011 /// 2:18pm

    I LOVE Payton Turner, and I LOVE stickers! Yes, I actually still have my sticker collection from when I was a youngster. I refuse to throw it away, because when I run across it, it always makes me smile.
    As for Payton’s wallpaper, it’s brilliant. The only thing that would make it a wee bit better? The use of Scratch & Sniff stickers!

  7. the jealous curator /// 09.12.2011 /// 4:45pm

    ha! i still have mine too… it’s pretty tattered, but I’ll never get rid of it!

  8. kelly@tearinguphouses /// 09.13.2011 /// 6:30am

    shut. up.

    how much fun is this?!


  9. Cathy /// 09.13.2011 /// 10:42am

    how??? how do they do this???

  10. Rachelle | TinkerLab /// 09.17.2011 /// 8:27pm

    We are one and the same! I had an enormous beloved sticker collection and recognized these as stickers right away. It’s brilliant (and I’m also jealous). Good thing I have a 3 year old with a growing sticker collection. Maybe there’s sticker wallpaper in my future after all!

  11. yolie reyes /// 02.17.2012 /// 9:57am

    hey mom look at this article that marlene sent me. she said it reminded her of my door at home. its really cool!!!!

  12. Sarah /// 02.18.2012 /// 7:29pm

    This is so incredible! It is an extremely meticulous artistic endeavor, not one to be attempted at home. All the same, this is very inspiring. I may just have to commission Ms. Turner to do a piece for me for my home!

  13. the jealous curator /// 02.18.2012 /// 8:39pm

    Yes! I would love a wall like this in my house {no wallpaper is complete without scratch n’ sniff!)

  14. Lucy /// 10.04.2012 /// 7:54pm

    This wallpaper’s amazing.

    I’ve spent more time on your blog than any Art blog I’ve ever come across. Love the name first of all and the opening line of all your posts; I’m jealous of your blog name but couldn’t be happier saying it. I’ve enjoyed nearly all the Artists you’ve written about.

    I used to collect stickers too, and still remember the joy of the furries and the shineys and get massive nostalgia thinking about the smell, the little sheets and rolls at the shop. In fact the texture of these various stickers still made my stomach lurch about 20 years after I collected them. Ohhh… thanks for bringing all these fascinating works into one place 🙂

  15. the jealous curator /// 10.04.2012 /// 8:14pm

    thank YOU lucy!
    ps. i still have some of my stickers! puffies, smellies, fuzzies!