i’m jealous of adam batchelor

Simple, powerful, beautiful… pencil drawings by British artist Adam Batchelor. I was lucky enough to see a few of these last June at The Cheaper Show. They’re even better in person. Here, in Adam’s words, is what this work is about:

… the breakdown, conflict and transition between humanity, the man made and the natural world. It portrays an insight into the opposition between reality and hyper reality and explores capitalism, consumerism, developing countries, global issues and is inspired by the changing cultures of the world.

comments (3)

  1. marchi /// 11.17.2011 /// 11:46am

    thank you for posting this work. I love it!

  2. Julie Lapointe - La Datcha /// 11.17.2011 /// 12:48pm

    Very interesting point of view and beautifully rendered!

  3. Caroline /// 11.18.2011 /// 9:05am

    I’m jealous of him too! Love the Pluto one