oh boy…

Yep, it’s my birthday… the last one in my 30’s – um, when did that happen?! Anywho, I have always loved my birthday, and today is no exception! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite images from my “random lovely things” pinboard … because, quite frankly, most of them sort of scream birthday! Ok, here we go:

Thanks for being part of my special day… I’m going to spend the rest of the day riding my new pink bike with my lovely husband, and eating chocolate cake. A lot. See you tomorrow!

{1. Glass bubblegum paperweights 2. Painting by Amanda Blake 3. NOW mirror by Doug Aitken 4. Neon/neutral party decor 5. Donut Queen! 6. Donut painting by Emily Eveleth 7. Mixed media cake by Martha Rich 8. YOU LOOK GREAT mirror by Jade Rude 9. Mixed media photograph by Unknown … to me anyway}

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  1. jd /// 05.14.2012 /// 6:31am

    Happy birthday, D! ENJOY! xo

  2. Greg /// 05.14.2012 /// 6:50am

    Happy birthday fellow May baby!

  3. Ninotchka /// 05.14.2012 /// 6:53am

    Happy Birthday, Danielle. Enjoy!

  4. Chelle /// 05.14.2012 /// 7:03am

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for producing this wonderful blog, it’s my absolute favorite!

  5. jacqueline /// 05.14.2012 /// 7:35am

    Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  6. Brittany /// 05.14.2012 /// 7:53am

    Happy birthday lovely! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Kate /// 05.14.2012 /// 7:56am

    happy birthday! (I’m through the other side – gazing with envy at a number beginning with ‘3’ and – it’s fine!) love the squirrel painting: yesterday I saw my first sleeping squirrel, taking a happy hour long snooze on a branch 20 ft in the air.

  8. Samantha /// 05.14.2012 /// 8:13am

    I turned 39 in March. I still can’t believe how quickly my 30’s have passed – with each year time seems to speed up. It is a bit nerve-wracking to be facing 40, but for years (especially in my 20’s) I thought I would rather turn 40 than 30. I figured that by 40 I would be settled and not so plagued by stresses about what I was going to be when I “grew up”. That hasn’t exactly been the case. However, 1973 people rock! It’s funny that we have similar tastes and interests (and jealousies about the amazing work other people are producing). I’ve been following this blog via bloglovin.com since I signed up for that site about 6 months ago. Thank you for posting so much interesting work that I might not have discovered otherwise – you do a great job! Have a Happy Birthday!

  9. the jealous curator /// 05.14.2012 /// 10:57am

    thanks for all of the lovely birthday wishes! bike ride is done…. now it’s time for lunch on a patio!
    ps. samantha: yes, 1973ers do rock! 😉 happy 39th to you too!

  10. Carmen /// 05.14.2012 /// 12:19pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are the first blog I check in on everyday. I wish I could give something to you because this blog is such a gift to all of it’s readers!


  11. the jealous curator /// 05.14.2012 /// 2:23pm

    that made my day! thank you so much carmen … that’s the only gift i need : )

  12. Kathleen /// 05.14.2012 /// 3:29pm


  13. the jealous curator /// 05.14.2012 /// 3:51pm

    thanks lady – miss you! xo

  14. kateri /// 05.14.2012 /// 6:48pm

    Happy birthday! Seems like all the bloggers I like to read was born in May! – funny! Taurus might be creative people…
    (mine was yesterday… a double 3 for me!)
    Hope you had a great one! ☺

  15. the jealous curator /// 05.14.2012 /// 7:22pm

    thanks kateri… and happy birthday to you too!!! hooray for taurus! ; )

  16. Melanie /// 05.15.2012 /// 4:00pm

    Thanks for introducing me to The Retronaut! And I love your picks. 🙂

  17. the jealous curator /// 05.15.2012 /// 6:44pm

    Thanks Melanie… I love the Retronaut too (could be in there for hours!)

  18. Artsy Forager /// 05.18.2012 /// 8:19am

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday!! I just took the leap into 40 last month and well, it feels a lot like my 30s. 😉 Hope your 39th year is amazing! The best is yet to come!

  19. Sandra /// 05.21.2012 /// 2:50pm

    Happy belated Birthday! How did I miss this???!!! Hope the patio was good- more than good- excellent!