i’m jealous of heidi bjørgan

Ok. I tried to find out what these vessels are all about {why the strap?}… but I couldn’t find a thing. Honestly, it doesn’t change that fact that I love them all, very, very much. They are the work of  Norway based ceramics artist Heidi Bjørgan. Sigh. The colors, the woodland creatures strapped securely into place. Crazy good.

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  1. Kreetta /// 03.05.2013 /// 1:27pm

    ah, these are sooo lovely! You find so wonderful things. It would be nice to hear are they vases or…and those animals are just heart warming. Bravo Heidi!

  2. Susan Billmark /// 03.06.2013 /// 5:47am

    I’m jealous about your fantastic blog! This is NOT the last time I make a visit!

  3. Lisa /// 03.06.2013 /// 8:06am

    Jealous! I want the one with the rabbit!

  4. Gambera /// 03.07.2013 /// 7:53am

    oh yes you are so right! they rock!