michelle blade

Chills. There is something about this ethereal work by American artist Michelle Blade that gives me goosebumps. I can’t help but take a deep breath when I look at these… especially that last one. Heavenly, magical, amazing… the end.

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  1. maggie /// 07.03.2014 /// 9:40am

    I love that first one. Anywhere we can purchase her work?

  2. Alison /// 07.03.2014 /// 9:42am

    WHOA. Does she sell prints?

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.03.2014 /// 10:01am

    i’m not sure… not that i can find anywhere, but you can contact her directly here: http://www.michelleblade.com/CONTACT

    ps. she’s represented by CULT in san francisco, so you could reach out to them as well: http://cultexhibitions.com/gallery.html

  4. Kiana /// 07.03.2014 /// 5:25pm

    Oh I am so glad you are featuring her! Took my breath away!

  5. Jen /// 07.03.2014 /// 6:49pm

    I am crazy about these. I wonder how big they are.