isabelle menin

Magical, fairytale, flora-filled dreamscapes by Brussels based photographer Isabelle Menin. Yes, photographer. I totally thought these were collages or insane paintings when I first saw them, but no, they’re manipulated photographs. Here is a chunk of Isabelle’s bio to give a bit of background:

After graduating from the Graphic Research School (ERG) in Brussels, she has explored painting for 10 years while working in graphic design and illustration. Nature has always been a recurring theme for the artist, particularly flora. After exhibiting several times in Belgium, Isabelle Menin decided to abandon painting to turn to digital photography. Taking pictures, scanning pieces of nature, the artist constantly plays with textures and colours, transforming them, mixing them, in order to give shape to a fictional nature, dense and flamboyant at the same time.

There’s also a really interesting interview on her site that goes into deep detail about how/why she does what she does.

{Some of her work is currently hanging in a group show, titled “Garden on Orchard”, at Muriel Guepin Gallery in New York – Opening Reception July 12, 6-8pm – show runs until August 19}

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  1. Marianne Clancy /// 07.11.2017 /// 10:44am

    oh heavens above these are so beautiful! I could get lost in this floral dreamscape!

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.11.2017 /// 11:00am

    me too!

  3. Anna Rolin /// 07.11.2017 /// 1:30pm

    Wow! This is amazing, exciting! I love it ! It’s inspiring!

  4. Susanna Bauer /// 07.11.2017 /// 2:58pm

    Her work is mesmerizing!!

  5. NancyLee /// 07.15.2017 /// 3:04am

    Ohmigosh, those overblown blooms nodding their too-heavy heads down to the dappled water…so lovely and delicious!

  6. Heather Blume /// 07.15.2017 /// 6:56am

    Sophia Coppola and Marie Anoinette would love these!

  7. Mimi Bravo G /// 03.29.2019 /// 5:26am

    Great !!! Wonderful !!! I love it ❤❤❤