john holcomb

This is the work of American painter John Holcomb. This series of crazy colorful flowers and pattern-covered vases were inspired by the old Dutch Masters. John’s portfolio is full of all sorts of other lovely work – scenic, art history, cultural portraits – but the pure joy in these pieces seemed like a perfect way to start the week. Happy Monday.

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  2. Linda Norton /// 01.09.2018 /// 10:28am

    Disappointed he is on your site. He has flagrantly copied Andy Dixon’s style, subject matter, art materials and color palettes.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.09.2018 /// 9:29pm

    hm, i hadn’t heard anything about that. i love andy’s work… i’ll go do a little digging.

  4. Linda Norton /// 01.09.2018 /// 10:31am

  5. Brian Pittman /// 01.10.2018 /// 12:07am

    Very beautiful art work.

  6. Sofia M. /// 01.14.2018 /// 11:02am

    I agree with Linda Norton, I read about this on Artsy a few months back I think and his work is an obvious copy of Andy Dixon’s. Andy’s is so much better too in my opinion, apart from being the original. I recommend you look him up instead.

  7. Daniel Pessin /// 09.23.2018 /// 9:55pm

    Awesome work..