“ugly beautiful”

Drips, spikes, blobs, sploots and sparkly crystals. Yep, that can only l mean one thing… I got Texas based artist Dan Lam on the podcast! She {yes, Dan is a woman and we’ll get to that right off the top} is amazingly talented, hilarious, and just as sweet as her gorgeous color palette. Listen right up there under that iridescent beauty, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, these were the spiky, gum-like “blobs” I wrote about a few years ago:

Yum! Well, those guys evolved into these guys, aka “drips”:

Gorgeous, and how insanely beautiful are Dan’s color choices? And her newest evolution, which might be potentially known as a “sploot”:

LOVE! But wait, there’s more! Here’s the video of the sprinkle-covered sploot that over 15 MILLION (!!!!) people liked on Instagram:

A post shared by Dan Lam (@sopopomo) on

Don’t you want to poke that? Me too. Now these bad boys… oh, I just want to watch them dance in the sunlight all day long:


A post shared by Dan Lam (@sopopomo) on

Gasp! That video! These Swarovski crystal covered drips are gorgeous, but still photos just don’t do them justice.

And finally, at the very end of the episode Dan mentioned that she was going on a winter holiday to several national parks in Utah… apparently she brought a few friends along for the ride:

How fantastic is that!? Sigh. Thanks so much to Dan for talking to me about all things ugly beautiful; thanks to Saatchi Art and Thrive for supporting the episode, and thanks to you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links:

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  2. Axl /// 01.08.2018 /// 11:24am

    Fun to look at. Have been following him for a while in Instagram.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.08.2018 /// 11:43am

    Dan is a her 🙂

  4. leigh hannan /// 01.09.2018 /// 8:15am

    I would love to see her 2D paintings prior to making sploots (just fun to say), and also her mom’s portraits of her!

  5. Kriss Boggild /// 01.12.2018 /// 8:29pm

    Wow, I could get lost in that iridescent purple green blob! So fun and so wonderful to hear about the successes of you young folk who are doing the work and making a life! (You too, Danielle, you baby at 44! )

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.12.2018 /// 9:32pm

    haha! i will happily take that! ; )

  7. Stephanie Kilgast /// 01.23.2018 /// 1:57pm

    Love her work and world! been following her for a while on instagram as well 🙂

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  9. Raquel /// 02.02.2018 /// 12:23am

    Can we buy any of this amazing beautiful super cute and eye catching squishy?
    Im an squishy lover and now that I’m older and sick I need things for my hands to be occupied so I will really love to get one !
    Please let me know big huggies!!

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