i’m jealous of martha rich


Oh Martha Rich, as if your sketchbook didn’t make me jealous enough you had to go ahead and paint this. This piece is acrylic on wood and titled All Men Like Long Hair. I’m not sure what I love the most. Is it…

a. the witty (and true) title

b. the jiggly woman in sassy underthings

c. the jiggly jello-mold with cream

d. all of the above

I’ll have to go with ‘d’.

comments (6)

  1. Elle /// 06.04.2009 /// 8:32pm


  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.04.2009 /// 8:39pm

    I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Rebecca /// 09.14.2009 /// 8:55am

    she is very sassy looking

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 09.14.2009 /// 7:28pm

    Yes she is… very come-hither.

  5. victoria /// 08.06.2010 /// 3:20pm

    i love martha rich. even if she had short hair. 😉

  6. The Jealous Curator /// 08.06.2010 /// 6:21pm

    me too… but then again, we’re not men ; )