i’m jealous of tim moore



Tim Moore is a British-born artist now living in Australia. These two pieces are from his solo show, Sew Natural, at the Helen Gory Gallery. What do I love about these? It’s a fine blend of the nude, gun-toting grandmother, the bunny hats/flip flops/saggy boobs of the ladies in the second piece, and of course, the skillful sewing that could put any Nana to shame.

comments (3)

  1. alex /// 04.21.2010 /// 3:55pm

    British, yet he’s managed to sew the essence of Oklahoma. I’m really in love with your blog.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.21.2010 /// 7:52pm

    Yep, isn’t he amazing?… and thanks for the kind words ; )

  3. Guerilla Embroidery /// 02.21.2011 /// 3:43am

    Hi, stumbled across your blog whilst looking for a link for my own blog! I just appeared in a magazine back to back with this guy and thoroughly enjoyed looking at his work! I wanted to draw some more attention to it via my own blog, I’m sure you don’t mind a nice link to yours (though please do tell if you do!)
    Very nice idea for a blog indeed – I feel your pain sometimes Jealous Curator!!

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