i’m jealous of lauren dicioccio… again


There are way too many amazing projects in Lauren DiCioccio’s portfolio to choose from… that’s why I’m jealous again. Last time I wrote about Lauren I showed her organza shopping bags, and today I went with my other fav, her color codification dot drawings. These are so beautiful and so labor intensive. Here’s Lauren’s secret behind them: ‘I lay a sheet of frosted mylar over a magazine page. I assign a color to every letter (numbers are shades of greyscale) and apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page according to my color-code.’

I wonder which seven colours spell ‘jealous’?

comments (2)

  1. Kathleen /// 12.03.2009 /// 7:23am

    I love your blog. And I love these prints. I got the third one on this post (from 20×200) for my birthday and I adore it.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 12.03.2009 /// 9:45am

    Well, now I’m jealous of you!
    I’d love to get an original on mylar and mount it in a light box. How amazing would that look?!

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