i’m jealous of tamara muller


So creepy &  so beautiful.

These strange and haunting figurative paintings are by Tamara Muller, an incredibly talented artist from the Netherlands. I love the attention to detail in the faces, and the lack there of everywhere else. I think it’s the eyes that impress me the most. You really get the feeling that they are truly looking at  you… shudder shudder

{Thanks to Eric Cator‘s blog, paintblog.ca for introducing me to Tamara’s work. Instant jealousy.}

comments (2)

  1. aris /// 12.12.2009 /// 2:30pm

    I’m in love. Creepy with a dash of whimsical and a whole lot of talent.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 12.12.2009 /// 2:31pm


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