i’m jealous of mikael kennedy


Ok, I usually have a hard time picking just a few pieces of an artist’s work to show. In the case of Mikael Kennedy it was nearly impossible. His Polaroid series, Shoot the Moon, has 500 amazing images that he captured while wandering around the United States between 1999 and 2009. He had no plan, and no money. Picking 4 photos was tough, but I guess my task was easy compared to what he and gallery owner Peter Hay Halpert had to do in preparation for Mikael’s upcoming solo show in New York {details to follow}. They chose these 500 photos out of 3000 that Mikael has taken over the last decade. See… I had it easy.

I’ll keep you posted on show location and date, but you might want to pick your favourites now. The details aren’t even finalized yet and these Polaroids are selling like hot cakes! So, looks like he’s got a plan now, and is about to get some very well deserved money.

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  1. Grackle /// 08.05.2011 /// 2:13pm

    These people would all be listening to Vampire Weekend.

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