i’m jealous of the sartorialist


Scott Shuman is my hero… oh, and he’s also the world famous blogger known as The Sartorialist. He was a huge reason behind my decision to start The Jealous Curator. His blog is so simple, and so positive. He takes photos of people whose style catches his eye on the street, and points out what he loves about it. That’s it. Not one negative word, even though the fashion industry is known for that… much like the art world, if you see what I’m getting at.

I am completely inspired by him, and so, surprise surprise, I’m totally jealous of him too. Well, let me clarify. I am inspired by his story, his reasons for starting The Sartorialist, and his amazing taste in fabulous fashion from around the world. I’m only jealous of what a giant success he has become. Listen to this. In 2005 he left his job in the fashion industry to stay at home with his daughter, and he started this blog for his own interests/passions. He had no idea what it might lead to. Only a few years later he’s still doing it, but now has a huge and dedicated following, not to mention a monthly page in GQ, recurring guest blogs and videos for Style.com, and is front row at Fashion Week – every Fashion Week, from New York to Milan. See what I mean? How can you not be inspired… and just a little bit jealous?

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  1. HeidiRenee /// 12.13.2009 /// 3:21pm

    LOVE your site! Added you to my rss last week.

    I have been following Scott for about six months – such an eye. I do have to admit though that if people in my small town were dressed like some of the people he photographs they would not end up on the pages of GQ, they would be ridiculed for their floods, their mis-match and their impossible impracticality – light years away from the urbane fashion world.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 12.13.2009 /// 8:39pm

    Ha! I know what you mean. I grew up in a small town too, but I’ve ended up living in my fair share of stylish cities since then. Mind you, I don’t know if The Sartorialist would pick me out of a crowd based on my fashion sense… but you never know ; )

  3. jane o sullivan /// 12.14.2009 /// 12:52pm

    thank you so much for sharing some really wonderful work that has me totally re-inspired 🙂

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 12.14.2009 /// 1:20pm

    thank you!

  5. Jojo /// 12.14.2009 /// 2:32pm

    I’ve head about the Sartorialist. But didn’t know the background. Love the whole “leap and the net will appear thing.” Yeah, okay, I’m jealous of him too.

  6. The Jealous Curator /// 12.14.2009 /// 6:06pm

    I know. It’s the background that got me too.
    So inspired. Oh so jealous.

  7. theGK /// 12.16.2009 /// 11:31pm

    I love The Sartorialist’s story too. Basically, Scott was able to put together the best possible resume and open it up to a global audience … for free! Pure, unbridled, delicious jealousy.

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