i’m jealous of bob willoughby


Bob Willoughby, ‘candid photographer of the stars’, died on December 18th at the age of 82. His work is amazing and will always be remembered, not only because of his stunning compositions and his obvious knack for capturing perfect moments, but also for the very unique glimpse into Hollywood that his photos revealed. At the time, during the early 50’s and 60’s, it was rare to see a Hollywood star doing anything other than posing perfectly still for a shot that would promote his or her big studio film. Bob went behind the scenes and captured some of the most famous faces of the time just being people… heading home at the end of the day, re-reading scripts, waiting for sets to be lit, and yes, even grocery shopping (although I’m pretty sure Audrey Hepburn was the only one that took a baby deer along for the ride.)

{I found this story via Peter Hay Halpert – Thanks Peter.}

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