i’m jealous of todd hido


Ok, please don’t judge me. I have a little thing about looking into people’s windows at night. Just to be clear, it’s not a ‘creepy peeping tom’ thing, it’s more of an ‘appreciation of interior design’ thing… you can get a really good view when it’s dark outside! Anywho, when I came across Todd Hido‘s photo series, titled Homes at Night, I knew I wasn’t alone. There is something so comforting about these images. It’s cold and dark outside, but inside this home it’s warm and safe… now,  if only I could see what kind of couch they picked.

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  1. Tricia /// 02.05.2010 /// 11:15am

    Now I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this?!” This is art? I also LOVE looking into people’s windows at night (although I am also NOT a peeping tom). Who would’ve thunk to take photos and call it art? Damn!

    T 🙂

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.05.2010 /// 2:33pm

    oh it’s art alright, and yes, i wish i thought of this series too… it’s a good one!

  3. Ben /// 02.06.2010 /// 6:30pm


  4. jetsonjoe /// 02.09.2010 /// 6:03pm

    Hmmm..something I said…I posted a comment and I see it has been removed. Seriously? Seriously moderated here. It was positive and encouraging , not a bad word or comment.
    As for the photos…beauty in the overlooked…we all love to imagine and to peek…maybe…and how the dark and evening evokes more singular focus of the glowing and dramas within…interesting

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 02.09.2010 /// 8:31pm

    Yep, pretty seriously moderated over here. I’m a stickler for positive comments (art school had enough negative commentary to last me a lifetime.) Anyway, sorry if I misinterpreted something you said as a negative. And yes, I agree with your above comment, beauty in the overlooked is one of my most favourite kinds of beauty.

  6. jetsonjoe /// 02.11.2010 /// 5:59pm

    You know what….I too have had a lot of that negative comments or just
    comments that really did not contribute anything to the work at hand….
    Oh and those sculpture profs critiquing painting….saying everything is illustration like unless it is a blank canvas with a small square in the corner….you know what I mean…anyways…I too will stand tall and accentuate the positive…And thanks for the feedback…glad to see they are read…AND….just love this blog…truly something to be Jealous of….
    There is so much great awesome stuff out there…and we are all just little balls of sometimes fragile…rattling with all of the shoulds and should nots…gawd…stop. Love It…thanks.

  7. The Jealous Curator /// 02.11.2010 /// 7:24pm

    thanks joe ; )

  8. nell /// 05.29.2010 /// 12:44am

    haha, i just went for a walk, and it started getting dark, and i said to my friend… “i have this weird thing, where I love looking into people’s windows at night, i love it, especially kitchens” hah

  9. things that charmed me | windows at night %%things that charmed me | windows at nightsepthings that charmed me | windows at nightsitename%% /// 10.10.2014 /// 5:21am

    […] * One really cool photographic essay of  Baltimore at night. Very beautiful. Can you tell I’m a city girl? Apparently I’m not the only one who finds the glow of windows at night a beautiful scene. These two artists have made their work about just that, they can be found here and here. […]

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