i’m jealous of karin bubas


OMG you guys. These chalk pastel portraits by Karin Bubas are so totally not random. They are the opposite of random… but honestly, I’m not sure what the word for that would be because that’s where my ‘Hills’ lingo runs out. OMG and random. That’s all I’ve got. Now, not that any of us really need to see more of Spencer and Heidi Pratt, well not that we’ll admit to anyway, I just had to show these drawings. I love ’em. I love ’em all.

{When you go to Karin’s portfolio site, be sure to check out her photo series called ‘Florence and George’. It’s not random either.}

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  1. Lauren /// 02.08.2010 /// 3:13pm

    OMG! Amazing!!!!

  2. Meredith /// 07.13.2011 /// 8:31am

    LOVE this. Thanks for another great find!