the jealous curator is one!


Yep, an entire year of being ridiculously jealous… and I hope that’s only the beginning! That’s right, one year ago today I wrote my very first blog post, and I quote:

‘If I could curate an entire show of only felt food I totally would.  I think they are hilarious, weird, and beautifully hand crafted. Sadly, all of these objects are on priced anywhere from $8 to $24 because they’re considered craft, not art. Show them in a white walled gallery with shiny wood floors, add some much needed intent by calling the show something like “Comfort Food – A Nation Consumed” and mark my words, they’d be selling like hotcakes for a lot more than $8. It probably couldn’t hurt to adjust the scale a bit too… just ask Claes Oldenburg.’

So, one year later, with a ‘jealously curated’ show section now firmly in place, here it is… Comfort Food – A Nation Consumed.

{The lovely little knitted birthday cake above is by Helle Jørgensen, aka ‘gooseflesh’.}

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  1. three critters /// 02.22.2010 /// 1:22pm

    and I am always jealous of your amazing eye for jealousy-inducing art!

    happy birthday

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.22.2010 /// 1:25pm

    thank you! : )

  3. Tasha Chawner /// 02.22.2010 /// 2:18pm

    Happy First Birthday – love coming to check out your finds!

  4. Jessica /// 02.22.2010 /// 4:23pm

    Congratulations! Here’s to many many more years of blinding jealousy!

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 02.22.2010 /// 8:57pm

    ; ) thanks guys!

  6. Ariel /// 02.22.2010 /// 10:14pm

    happy birthday!!!

  7. Mrs Moen /// 02.22.2010 /// 11:02pm

    Happy anniversary. The cake is so cool! I enjoy reading about your chosen artists so much.

  8. Emma /// 02.25.2010 /// 3:24am

    I’m enjoying your website very much since encountering it a couple of weeks ago! I just needed to state my surprise that you have not attributed artist names to any of the works in this “exhibition” – any reason in particular?

  9. The Jealous Curator /// 02.25.2010 /// 8:07am

    Honestly… it’s a little embarrassing. I had so many images, and then changed them, added, took away. When I went back through Etsy searching for each piece (so I could link to them), some of them had already been sold and were no longer showing up, therefore I couldn’t find the shop name. See, very embarrassing. You’re right though… I’ll go back and do my best to figure it out and list them. Thanks Emma.

  10. The Jealous Curator /// 02.25.2010 /// 12:36pm

    There we go! I’ve added the Etsy shop names to the bottom of the show… the ones that were still live that is. Thanks for keeping me on my toes ; )

  11. Amy@Pikaland /// 02.26.2010 /// 1:02am

    Happy birthday Jealous Curator! May you always be jealous (so that we can always enjoy the fruits of your jealousy — i.e. your fab blog!)

    Champagne for everyone!


  12. The Jealous Curator /// 02.26.2010 /// 7:22am

    Ha! Thanks Amy xo

  13. Kirsten /// 03.10.2010 /// 11:39pm