i’m jealous of helle jorgensen


Ok, I’m showing soft sculpture two days in a row, but when I found this work by Australian based artist Helle Jorgensen I couldn’t control myself. Barnacles made out of reclaimed wool, and discarded plastic beautifully crafted into sea anemones… how could I not write about it immediately? I imagine that she finds the reclaimed wool at garage sales and thrift shops, but where does she get that plastic yarn? She makes it herself of course, and if you have the patience that’s required, she’ll even teach you how it’s done.

{I found her while searching around flickr for a knitted birthday cake. Oh, and if you like these, you’ll probably want to have a look at Emily Barletta’s work .}

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  1. Ren /// 02.23.2010 /// 10:54am

    If you like this work you may also enjoy:
    Michelle Lougee and Aurora Robson

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 02.23.2010 /// 12:06pm

    oooh! love em… thanks ren!

  3. peggy /// 02.23.2010 /// 12:20pm


  4. Jamie /// 02.23.2010 /// 5:39pm

    These are pretty neat. Now I feel a bit silly that I am still working on my bf’s knit Christmas stocking from 2009. My knitting lacks ambition, clearly.

    Here is a cool listing on Etsy for a knit biology dissection that’s pretty neat-o and worthy of our jealousy!


  5. The Jealous Curator /// 02.23.2010 /// 5:43pm

    Thanks for the link Jamie… hilarious!
    And good luck with your stocking ; )

  6. grace /// 03.02.2010 /// 3:46pm

    these are so amazing! thank you for sharing them!

  7. Liesl /// 03.02.2010 /// 7:31pm

    Sorry for commenting on your blog twice in one day, promise i am not stalking! But I LOVE Helle’s work and i am lucky enough that I have seen her work in the flesh here in Melbourne. It’s mindblowingly good.

  8. The Jealous Curator /// 03.02.2010 /// 9:19pm

    My first stalker! I’m very flattered! i guess it’s only a matter of time before the paparazzi start hanging around too ; )
    Well, I’m jealous of you now… I would love to see Helle’s work in person!

  9. marisa manzotti /// 01.27.2015 /// 11:27am

    sono bellissimi mi piacerebbe imparare a farli amo il mare