i’m jealous of ben turnbull


‘Force fed on violence, abused by a controlling superpower and blackmailed through patriotism, the public are ultimately as disposable as the toys they once played with.’ ~ Ben Turnbull

The most I ever whittled into a desk were my initials… and maybe a heart. British artist Ben Turnbull didn’t feel quite so optimistic I guess. These weapons, beautifully and skillfully carved into old wooden school desks, are from his series I Hate Mondays. Now, if you were clever, you got to see some of his work at The Volta Show in New York before it closed down yesterday. I however was not very clever at all, and completely missed it… so now I hate Mondays too. Hm, suddenly sounding a little less optimistic myself.

comments (3)

  1. Ian Gamache /// 03.19.2010 /// 5:10am

    Classic stuff!
    Something very nostalgic and relevant with these wood pieces.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 03.19.2010 /// 6:59am

    Yep, there’s something very special about these. Nostalgic/disturbing all wrapped into one.

  3. heidi /// 10.09.2011 /// 11:00am

    you should include the title and date of the artworks.

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