i’m jealous of boudoir barbie


I really, really, really want to stop looking, but I just can’t. You too?

I have never written about a commercial wedding photographer before, but when I found these scandalous shots of Boudoir Barbie I couldn’t control myself… I guess I know how Ken must feel. Anyway, I’m not sure how or why these beautifully lit, very sultry shots of  Barbie in her underpants came about, I’m just glad that American photographer Critsey Rowe decided to do them. Disturbing, hilarious, and really quite beautiful… great combo.

{Click on Boudoir Gallery, then scroll to CELEBRITY. Oh, and thanks to Kathleen for emailing me about this!}

comments (3)

  1. The Storialist /// 04.25.2010 /// 10:48am

    Barbie. Lookin’ good.

    The one of the back of her neck is disturbing to me…but this is TERRIFIC stuff, as always. Thank you for sharing this!

    Anyway, the original Barbie was modeled after some sex doll, so she’s just getting back to her roots :).

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 04.25.2010 /// 3:45pm

    Yep, they’re all pretty disturbing… but I love em! Please don’t judge me.

  3. AsziChild.com » barbie boudoir /// 05.10.2010 /// 8:45pm

    […] I just posted that. I found it from one of my favorite blogs, The Jealous Curator who found it on Couture Boudoir by cristey […]

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