i’m jealous of the design conspiracy

If you love pop art, then you really have no choice but to love this work by The Design Conspiracy {a graphic design shop from London}, because these stunning screen prints literally are ‘pop’ art. Every single one of these bottle caps reminds me of being a kid… I can almost taste the ‘Imitation Black Cherry Soda’ right now. Yum. I’m sure Andy would be very impressed, and probably in the mood for an ice cold soda pop.

{Unfortunately, I can’t help you buy a cream soda at this very moment, but I can send you to Keep Calm Gallery to buy one of these prints at this very moment. Ahhh, so refreshing!}

{via Poppytalk}

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  1. emily fitzhugh /// 02.17.2012 /// 10:07pm

    omg. I am talking design with @linzlovesyou and she just sent me this. you know I love love love it. xoxo

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